Top-selling British tabloid the Sun has been accused of Photoshopping the colour of underwear worn by glamour models in the newspaper to blue - the colour of the British Conservative (Tory) party. The group photo was published on Wednesday's "Page Three" - which has been reserved for a daily topless model since the 1970s and is considered something of a British institution.  

In an obvious attempt to scare readers into voting for the Tory party - which the paper openly supports - the Sun warned that if the Labour or Liberal Democrat parties get into power, they will ban Page Three, or "News in Briefs". The threat is based on comments made by two Labour and Lib Dem politicians who said they found "News in Briefs" outdated and an insult to women.

The photo of sixteen topless models with the title "Save these girls from the dole tomorrow" appeared in the paper on the day before election day. It was soon observed by broadsheet The Guardian that the printed and the online editions were different. In the online version, the women are wearing underwear of various colours, whereas in the printed edition, they are all dressed in blue.

Left, online version. Right, print version.