Photo posted by Flickr user "reflecta".

This year UK election campaigns are, for the first time, being played out largely on the Web. However, although it might be easier - and legal - to edit a campaign poster on Photoshop, the old-fashioned method of taking a can of spray paint to a real billboard has not entirely disappeared.

According to the latest polls, the right-wing Conservative Party is leading the race at 37%, with the left-wing Labour Party following behind at 29% and the left-leaning Liberal Democrats at 26%. However, most visible damage to campaign billboards is not representative of these popular support figures, with the majority of vandalism efforts targeting Tory (Conservative) leader David Cameron. 

Perhaps the most complimentary addition to Tory leader David Cameron's campaign photograph: the Tory leader is depicted here as Elvis. Photo posted on Flickr by "dickyhart" 22 April 2010.

New Cross Gate, London, referring to Tory MP Chris Grayling's comments in March when he said that bed and breakfast owners should have the right to refuse gay couples. Photo posted on Flickr by "videonicies", 27 April 2010.  

The far-right British National Party is told "We love ethnic minorities, BNP = Nazi scum" via its own billboard in Aberdeen, Scotland. Photo posted by "Muig" 29 March 2010.  

This Tory poster originally read "I released 80,000 criminals early. Let me do it again", referring to Prime Minister Gordon Brown's decision to allow an increased number of criminals to go on parole due to a massive rise in prison numbers. Photo taken in Newcastle upon Tyne, north east England, by Flickr user "reflecta", posted 24 April 2010.

Defaced Tory posters in Edinburgh - the stickers in the corners refer to the cold war Trident missile fleet. The Tories and Labour want to replace it, at a cost of £100 billion, the Liberal Democrats say they want to find a cheaper alternative. Photo posted by "Strevo", 27 April 2010.

David Cameron comes under fire over his education at Eton College, one of the most prestigious and expensive schools in the world. The private school for boys has been attended by 18 former prime ministers, and is criticised for being out of touch with reality. Photo posted by "adrastosno" 23 April 2010.