This CCTV footage was filmed in the town of Creel, Chihuahua state, northern Mexico. It shows around thirty fully armed drug traffickers taking cocaine before killing several people. The entire assault, which took around an hour, was filmed by the police. But at no point did they intervene.

The scene took place on 15 March at 5:30 in the morning. It was filmed in its entirety by the regional office of public safety (SSPE) and watched by police in Chihuahua, the state capital.

The footage was aired by the national TV channel, Televisa, after being leaked by the surveillance centre - for which it is now being investigated. You can watch the full television report on YouTube.

These extracts show a dozen trucks pulling up on the outskirts of Creel. While most of the hit-men get out of the vehicles, one of the group - who appears to be the boss - remains inside and takes out a sachet of white powder, snorting some of its contents before handing it over to the hit-men (seen in the longer extract). A few minutes later, a man is pushed out of the car. Then, the hit-men begin their assault on a house, opening fire several times. At the end, an approaching car is shot at by the group. The commando then leaves (unseen).

According to the authorities, the commando then went on to take part in a shoot-out in the neighbouring town of San Juanito.  

In total, seven people were killed, including a 14-year-old girl. Six people were injured, including four women, one of them a 12-year-old girl.

The head of the SSPE, Gustavo Zabre, said that the state police weren't able to intervene because there were only two ten-agent teams available.

“Even if a police officer tries to stand up to them, they end up dead”

Juan (not his real name) lives in the drug-crime affected city of Reynosa. He runs the blog, "Todo sobre el narcotráfico en Mexico", which covers the activities and arrests of drug traffickers.

The incident happened in Chihuahua City, which is practically run by narcotraficantes [drug traffickers], as you can see on the video. The video was recorded by a police camera but they did nothing to stop it. That's because neither the local nor national police have the power to fight these narcotraficantes. These guys have automatic rifles, hand grenades and most of their trucks are bullet-proof. And even if a police officer should try to arrest or stand up to them, they'd probably end up dead the next day because of corruption inside the police force.

There are rumours that the owner of the house the narcotraficantes attacked was a businessman and he didn't want to pay a fee. Today it's very common that the narcotraficantes ask for a ‘payment' from each citizen in the city which they control, especially if the citizen is rich; if you don't pay they kill you and your family.

It's no surprise to see them taking coke. It is very common, in fact these people can't function without drugs; whether it's cocaine or crack, crystal meth [methamphetamine], heroin...

I don't know why Televisa, which is known for being a puppet of the government, aired this video. The authorities are angry at the TV station, because they say that investigating this case will be impossible now. But I know how the government works: they are using the actions of Televisa as an excuse for their inadequacies. One thing I'm sure of - the police will not arrest the narcotraficantes that you see on the video."