Quite a scandal in Belgium after a video of two uniformed policemen, completely drunk, was posted on YouTube. Staggering along the middle of the road before rolling over onto a level crossing, the inebriated pair have been viewed over 670,000 times since they were posted on YouTube a week ago.

The footage, filmed on a mobile phone, was shot near to the city of Spa during the region's annual carnival. Entitled "Two Belgian policemen drunk at the carnival", the video became an immediate hit online; causing the local authorities to launch an investigation into the incident, potentially leading to sanctions against the officers.

The scandal has emerged during tense times for the Belgian police. Last month, 14 federal police officers were charged with violence, racism and humiliation.

Video posted on YouTube by "stardedingue".

“It’s not like they committed a crime”

Thierry Thomas, 45, is a police superintendent from Belgium. An employee of the police force since 1983, he's also a member of the national police officers' union.

This video saddens me. We might sometimes have a drink, but these guys are completely hammered. Apparently, they're two experienced officers. They must be sanctioned; but not to the point where their careers are ruined. It's not like they committed a crime.

This video hasn't done any favours for our reputation. As officers we laugh along, but it's forced laughter."