Tehran student protests in amateur pictures

Tehran commemorated national student day on Monday by staging protests in the streets of the capital, despite the heavy police presence. Follow our live updates...


Tehran commemorated national student day on Monday by staging protests in the streets of the capital, despite the heavy police presence.

The day marks the anniversary of the deaths of three students killed by Shah regime police on the same date in 1953. The students were killed during an anti-American demonstration.

This year, opposition leaders Mirhossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karoubi were encouraged to join those who contest June's election results in taking to the streets once again in protest. Students gathered around universities across the capital.

We're going to update this post throughout the day. Send in your photos and videos.

Posted 8/12/2009 - 3pm:

Security forces try to restrain students at the University of Tehran.

Posted 08/12/2009 - 2.30pm :

Yesterday outside the Shahrood University of Technology. Posted here.

Yesterday outside Amir Kabir University. Posted here.

8/12/2009 – 12am

Protestors dispersed yesterday afternoon.

8/12/2009 - 11.30am

Shohreh, one of our Observers in Tehran, went to the protests.

I was there, in Enghelab -Square yesterday afternoon and evening. I was in a taxi first and the driver drove all around Tehran University. Step by step we saw dozens of security forces. The streets were full of them. Then I got out and took a walk. The police were staring straight into the eyes of people who were walking even if they were silent. They made you feel like it was your turn to be beaten. And they were even listening to you to see what you were telling your friend.

They had covered the main gate of the university with white curtains to prevent people from seeing what was going on inside .They not only took people's mobile phones, if it was in their hands, but also beat them and followed them to arrest them. I saw this happen a few times. I also saw a woman with a black eye. She was not in a good way; vomiting in the middle of the street.

There were many ambulances which the security forces threw people into. Who knows where they went; to prison or police offices, I don't know.

The masses of people in the streets walked silently. When they began to sing special songs against the regime like ‘My School Mate' the security forces rushed toward them, beat them with their electric batons, insulted them and arrested some of them. And after a few minutes it would all start again.

I also saw some security forces putting out the small fires people had started to protect themselves from teargas. I have never seen such a huge number of security forces before. The street had turned to one big military base."


Today in Tehran. Photo from the Iranian state news agency.


Hani updated us by phone.

I was hit on the foot by a stone so we left the protest to get to a quieter place. At the moment the protestors in the north of the city, near Vanak Square."


At Azad University, north Tehran. The students are chanting "Basijis, you kill for money... ".


Students from the Tehran University of Arts, locked in by the police, break the gates to join the other protestors.


In the Amirkabir University area before the police arrived. Our Observer Omid Habibinia retrieved this video. He told us that the protestors are waving the Iranian flag, only without the Islamic symbols on it.


At Sharif University two hours ago. Students chant "We will die trying". Images from AUT (Amirkabir News).


Original Video- More videos at TinyPic

Protestors from Amirkabir University just before the police assault.

“We've just stopped a Basiji and stolen his motorbike”

Account taken by mobile phone from Hani, one of our Observers in Tehran, who's taking part in the protest.

I'm stuck at the Talegani and Valiasr crossroads. The police and the Basij (the Iranian citizen militia) have closed both sides. The Basij are beating people with batons. There are a lot of people, certainly more than on previous student days.

They're coming! [She's starts running].

There are people at the Enghelab [Revolution] Square.

And there are clashes at the Talegani and Valiasr crossroads.

They're arresting a lot of people and leading them away, but people are trying to rescue them.

We've just stopped a Basiji and stolen his motorbike near to Enghelab square."


Riot police arrive at the University of Tehran on motorbikes.


On the campus of Sharif University. Protestors chant "Police, scrub clean Ahmadinejad!"

Tehran University campus.