CCTV footage of Israeli guard stabbing leaked to YouTube


Yesterday we published the amateur video of a Palestinian man being run over by an Israeli settler; a video which was aired by Israeli TV station Channel 2. Just a day after that footage hit the news, another video emerged online, and was also broadcast in Israel, this time by Channel 10. It shows a 21-year-old Palestinian woman stabbing an Israeli guard at the Qalandiya border crossing between Israel and the West Bank.

Video posted on YouTube Dec. 2, 2009 by "ahaway".

The footage comes from the border crossing's CCTV stream, but the video posted was filmed on a mobile phone. The Israeli authorities have confirmed that a soldier was stabbed (and admitted to hospital), but didn't give any information about who was filming, and how the video was leaked to YouTube. The attack happened on October 25, but only emerged yesterday, after the footage of the Mercedes assault was aired.