When they're not out on the streets demonstrating, anti-government activists spend their time finding other ways to inconvenience the authorities. Their most recent offensive involves banknotes and green pens.

“The notes are everywhere”

Alireza is an artist and journalist in Tehran.

Mirhossein Mousavi asked young people to use their imagination. And that's what they've done. These banknotes, marked with images and slogans, are everywhere. I have some myself. The central bank tried to take them out of circulation, but there are so many, they had to give up on the idea. For the young people it's a way of saying ‘We're here. The green movement is still going on.'"

"Khamenei the dictator, Ahmadinejad the puppet."

"In this country only the government has freedom of speech. Don't believe anything you hear."

The word ‘Republic' is replaced by ‘dictator', leaving 'The Central Bank of the Islamic Dictatorship of Iran'.

"A note without slogan goes against freedom."

"Down with Khamenei; he's a murderer and an illegitimate leader; we Iranians didn't vote for a monkey; green will overcome."

V for victory stamps mark many notes.  

Neda is printed on the note bottom left.

Images posted here.