At the Sacré Coeur basilica, Montmartre.

In just two months, she's claimed 54 victims. A Taiwanese student has decided to immortalise her stay in Paris by photographing herself kissing 100 strangers and posting the evidence on her blog. Romantic? Far from it, according to some of her fellow countrymen.

Yang Ya-ching is studying music in Paris. She began her "Kiss 100 men in Paris project" in mid-July, and only half way through her challenge, has so far attracted two million visitors to her blog and hundreds of comments. Some of them supportive, others, a little outraged...

First kiss, a workman outside Musée d'Orsay

This excerpt, originally published on Yang Ya-ching’s blog, was translated by FRANCE 24.

It was a day when the museum was closed; the square was empty. Great conditions for my first kiss. I spotted a young workman taking down exhibition posters. I didn't want to bother him, so I had a little walk around to see if there were any other ‘objects' that I could solicit. But there weren't. So I came back, and he was still there. Repeating to myself what I would say to him in asking for a kiss, I gave him a quick glance over. Good-looking with sunglasses. And he looked happy, despite the stifling heat.

When the time came, I approached him as though I was going to ask him something normal. He laughed because he didn't quite understand.

Him: you want a kiss?!

Me: yep, a kiss.

Him: hmm, what type of kiss?

Me: just a peck.

Him: alright, I'll do it.

I was a bit surprised by his response. I thought that Western people were very open. For a simple kiss, you'd think he'd say yes straight away. Thank god I didn't ask him for a French kiss! He definitely wouldn't have agreed to that. We walked together down the stairs. The photographer asked the workman to take off his sunglasses, we found ourselves face to face, and then it happened - my first kiss of the project.

It was a fleeting moment, I didn't feel much, but I do think that there was a touch of romanticism in it. He smiled, put his glasses back on and wished me a good day.

Actually, kissing a stranger is like having an autumn leaf fall into your pocket.

Note: even amongst the workmen there are good-looking guys here. Paris is a really incredible city!"

“What this girl is doing is seen as something unacceptable “

Jacques Liang is an international relations student in Taipei, Taiwan. He's currently staying in Paris.

I heard about this girl a few days ago before leaving Taiwan. At first I was a bit shocked because it's surprising to see a Taiwanese girl doing such a thing. They're traditionally very shy. But after all these years of Western influence, they have become a bit more daring. Plus, the French are considered sexy and romantic. Taiwanese girls dream of finding themselves a French prince charming. But even so, what this girl is doing is still seen as unacceptable. A lot of people think she's just trying to get famous. There are also many who think she's a bit vulgar."


At the Louvre.

In front of the Assemblée Nationale (French parliament).

At the Jardin du Luxembourg park.

At Les Halles shopping centre, Chatelet.

At the Georges Pompidou centre.

At Champ de Mars behind the Eiffel Tower.

At the river in front of Notre-Dame.

At Paris Plages (the summer city beach on the riverside).

Under a Parisian bridge.