Your favourite holiday photos (part two)

Our second assortement of Flickr-posted holiday snaps.


Our second assortment of Flickr-posted holiday snaps.

Send us a link to your favourite holiday photo along with an anecdote.

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FRANCE - Cote d'Opale

This photo was taken on a weekend on France's Cote d'Opale (north). It was a particularly beautiful day. On the seafront I came across this camper van, bright but at the same time washed-out, covered in bumper stickers from the various places it had been driven through. I thought it best to capture this bubblegum moment in Polaroid."

MONGOLIA - Gobi Desert

We'd already been crossing the Gobi desert for five days. Like other deserts, the Gobi, which covers half of the south of Mongolia, was once the bottom of an ocean. From all his years traversing the plains, our guide knew every dune and canyon by its nickname. I imagined myself as an old sailor navigating the seas since the beginning of time, but who had had to swap his boat for a Russian van when the sea dried up."  

MOROCCO - desert

What I like about the desert is the point when you realise the solitude; when I realise that's there's nothing but the land and me. "Where have I come from, where am I going?" A moment of truth which leaves no stone unturned."


This photo was taken on one of the white sand beaches on the Rhine, just at the point where the river splits in two before reaching The Netherlands. It was a friend of mine who introduced me to the Bidochon comics, where this pair comes from. So when the friend in question left France for Morocco, I decided to take her with me in model form, and photograph the two on their whereabouts for her."  

FRANCE - Basque Country

One time when staying in the Basque country, I discovered the Behorleguy mountains. We came across an abandoned cottage in a small valley just after passing through Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port and on our way to the Iraty mountains. From this point of view, it looks pretty hardcore. But from the other side, you would make nothing of it."

FRANCE - Touquet, Pas-de-Calais

'This is the happy house

We're happy here in the happy house

Oh it's such fun

We've come to play in the happy house

and waste a day in the happy house

it never rains.'

(Siouxsie and the Banshees)"