It looks like handcrafted tortellini made from fresh pasta and the finest ingredients. But the meal you see above has been assembled entirely from a Taco Bell Burrito Supreme. Want to know how to serve junk food as top-notch nosh?

New Yorker Erik Trinidad's concept is to take dishes from popular fast food restaurants and transform them into gourmet looking meals without adding - apart from a bit of garnishing - any new ingredients. He's already succeeded with several unusually named Fancy Fast Food creations. The pasta dish pictured here is christened "Tacobellini"...

“I wanted to make fun of fast food restaurants, but also of foodies”

Erik Trinidad is an advertiser from New York. He launched Fancy Fast Food in early May.

I have no formal training in cooking. When I was a kid, we used to go to these all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurants. With my brother, we tried to give food the fanciest presentation, just like in the Japanese programme ‘Iron Chef' in which chefs try to stylise dishes with limited ingredients.

When I cook for my friends I usually try to present food in a nice way. Three months ago when I was bored I went to McDonald's and bought a Big Mac Extra Value Meal. Back home, I transformed it into a kind of fancy steak and potatoes dish and posted photos of it online.

I wanted to make fun of fast food restaurants but also of all those ‘foodies' who feel more important because they go to fancy restaurants and like to discuss food. I wanted to prove that we can make fancy food with just junk food. My website motto is: ‘Yeah, it's still bad for you. But see how good it can look'.

I had no idea it was going to be so popular. Time Magazine called me, then an Australian newspaper and even a book publisher who wants to publish a book on fancy fast food. I think people are trying to find cheap ways to make beautiful things in these times of crisis. They want to impress their girlfriend or boyfriend without spending too much."

Fancy Fast Food makeovers, before and after

Before: Popeyes Fried Chicken. After: "Spicy Chicken Sushi".

Before: Taco Bell Burrito Supreme. After: "Tacobellini".

Before: White Castle Sack Meal. After: "Castillo Blanco Tapas".

Before: McDonald’s Big Mac Extra Value Meal. After: "McSteak & Potatoes".

The makeover step by step

Domino's Pizza come "Dao Mi Noh Chow Mein" in 30 minutes.