Tehran riot police go on the rampage

This video was posted online on Tuesday afternoon. Despite there being no protestor in sight, Tehran riot police storm a small street, indiscriminately vandalising private property. Watch the video...


This video was posted on Facebook on Tuesday afternoon (June 30). Though there appears to be no protester in sight, Tehran riot police storm a small street and indiscriminately vandalise private property.



The Facebook user who posted the video (who wishes to remain anonymous) says that he received it through Bluetooth on the Tehran metro, and that tuning on Bluetooth on public transport has become a popular way of exchanging data anonymously. The author and origin of the video remain unknown, but several of our Observers in the capital agree that it appears to have been filmed in the central eastern part of the city, possibly off Vali Asr avenue. They believe that the video was shot on Monday, when a demonstration took place on Vali Asr avenue and large numbers of riot police were present. They also confirmed that the uniforms worn by the officers in the video are those of both riot police (in black) and ordinary police (in green).

UPDATE (2 July 09): more footage of police vandalising property has now been posted on Facebook. Watch it here.