Pinocchio Ahmadinejad

Ahmadinejad denies saying during his speech at the UN in 2005 that he felt surrounded by light. However, just a few days before the Iranian elections, the oppposition brought back the incriminating video.


In this video, which appeared on different reformist websites, Ahmadinejad is clearly telling his audience that he "felt a halo surrounding him" while he was making his speech in 2005.

The clip was broadcast after the president denied it in a TV programme on Saturday. Meanwhile, his main rival Mirhossein Mousavi accused the president of being 'superstitious' and of 'lying insolently' to the country.

The same video preceded by Ahmadinejad's public denial

Ahmadinejad : "I felt the atmosphere changing"

Extracts from the video: "A member of the delegation told me: 'I saw a light surrounding you'", Ahmadinejad told his audience. He continued: "I felt it too...I felt the atmosphere changing. None of the leaders present blinked in 27, 28 minutes. I am not exaggerating (...) Everyone was astonished (...) They all opened their eyes and ears to listen to the Islamic republic message."

Translation: Canadian Press.