The Sri Lankan Army released footage of the body of Tamil Tiger chief Velupillaï Prabhakaran on Tuesday. But a lot of Tamils refuse to believe it. Today we received supposed proof of Prabhakaran's continued existence. But it looks rather like Photoshop had something to do with it...



The photo, in which we see Prabhakaran watching the news of his own death on television, was sent to us by email under the title "proof that he's not dead". It was also posted on this Tamil site.

The footage of Prabhakaran’s body

These images were broadcast on Tuesday by the state television network. Not everyone is convinced by this video-footage either, in which what is said to be Prabhakaran's body resembles something of a doll...

Indications of Photoshop activity

The image appears to have passed through some kind of retouch software. The perspective is false, particularly noticeable regarding the position of the table on the floor. Neither does the way Prabhakaran is holding the newspaper seem very natural. His hand doesn't close around the daily properly (which was supposedly put in place to prove the date) - the paper would certainly be lost in such a grasp.




Graphics: FRANCE 24.