Photo: Lazar Simeonov

A Palestinian man died on Friday after he was hit in the chest by a teargas canister launched by an Israeli soldier. The scene was filmed by a protester.

The demonstration took place in Bilin, a Palestinian village that lies next to the security wall put in place by Israel. Israeli forces say they fired tear gas after protesters started throwing stones. The man, who was knocked down and died soon after, was 30-year-old Basem Ibrahim Abu Rahma. His brother, Ashraf Abu Rahma, was also the victim of an Israeli bavure in July 2008.  

'They deliberately fired at us'

Abdullah Abu Rahme is Basem's brother. He's a member of the group "Bilin Village".

We've been demonstrating every Friday for four years now. This time, we were demonstrating against the wall, but also in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners.

The protest started as normal, but then the Israelis reacted harshly. They use different weapons every time: sometimes rubber bullets, sometimes real bullets, this time teargas canisters. These are normally used to disperse protesters, but this time they deliberately fired at us. Doing that can kill; it's more dangerous than real bullets.  

We will not stand down. We'll continue to protest until they give us our land back."

The footage

The footage was filmed by a foreign activist, David, from "Anarchists against the Wall". 

'The soldier that killed Basem probably won’t be punished'

Salam Jamal Kanaan, 17, lives in the neighbouring village of Naalin. She was filming when an Israeli soldier shot Basem's brother last July. 

For some time now the IDF [Israeli Defence Force] has been shooting teargas canisters at protesters, and no longer into the air like they used to. The canister didn't penetrate Basem, but it fractured his rib cage. Not long ago an American activist supporting the Palestinians was hit in the head by the same type of canister. He's still in hospital in a critical state. Sadly, the soldier that killed Basem probably won't be punished  - neither was the one who shot Ashraf last summer."