As Amnesty International publishes a report on the global state of capital punishment, the media reminds us of China's unusual "mobile" method. Convicts are given a lethal injection — on a bus.

A press officer from the company that makes the buses, Jinguan Auto of Chongqing, told The Independent that the vehicle is entirely secure, has a video-monitoring system and offers a method which makes it easier for the bodies to be taken to hospital for organ donation. The company, which also produces ambulances and armour-plated limos, says it has already sold 10 of the execution buses to local authorities. According to Amnesty, China is the world leader in executions, accounting for 72% of the world's executions in 2008.

Note: the company appears to have an English-language website, but it's down at the moment. Keep checking and let us know what's there.