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One of Britain's most hated and loved celebrities has made over a million pounds by selling her dying days to the tabloid press. The 27-year-old cancer sufferer, who's famous for being ignorant, racist and overweight, has been given weeks to live - and she hasn't wasted a minute.

The kind of celebrity Britons revel in, Jade Goody is famous just for being famous. She emerged in 2002 on reality TV show Big Brother and soon became a target of ridicule for her pure stupidity. Since then she's launched her own perfume, published an autobiography, outraged millions by making racist remarks on "Celebrity Big Brother", and amassed a fortune. Now, the news of Goody's terminal cancer has brought her even more attention by allowing a 24-hour film crew to follow the balding sufferer through her last weeks. She's also used her battle to make around a million pounds (1,130,000 euros) by selling the rights to her - quickly improvised- wedding with convict Jack Tweed on Sunday, only possible thanks to pain-killing lollipops. She says the money is for her children.   

The situation that led to racism allegations

Goody's harassment of Bollywood star housemate Shilpa Shetty led to racism allegations in January 2007.

Diagnosed with cancer... on Big Brother

Goody was informed of her cervical cancer on Bigg Boss (Indian Big Brother) in August 2008.

"The whole entertainment machine turning on this stupid but normally amiable woman"

Anna Chen is a writer, comedian and poet from London. Her blog.

Yes, we know it was wrong for Jade and her under-educated family to unleash race-fuelled spite at Shilpa Shetty. And it was a joy to see Britons condemning her for her bullying. [But] such was the shock of the whole entertainment machine turning on this stupid but normally amiable woman, with a viciousness usually reserved for murderers and rapists, that it probably triggered her fatal illness. So now it's terminal and she's trying to gather as much dosh as possible for those she leaves behind. Who can blame her?

Jade Goody is the distillation of everything this society admires: the worship of money and fame. That is a cancer in itself. There is something horrific and yet fitting about her end: death as entertainment. It is sad that she was wafted in on a circus and now exits the same way, but I can't condemn the poor girl at the centre of it. The lesson I draw is that we need to have a complete shift in our values."

"I can only hope that her demise heralds a return to real television programming"

Nathan Jordan created the Facebook group "I hate Jade Goody". He writes a blog and has posted videos on the Goody phenomenon.  

Unfortunately, [Goody's] presence as a celebrity has eclipsed those who have skill in the arts or sport for instance. While I won't exactly be thrilled when Jade Goody dies, I will be relieved at the blow that is being struck against this cult of ‘being famous for the sake of being famous'. When I did a YouTube video with words to this effect last week, I was astonished at the level of anger it generated, I even received death threats. The people in question claimed they were angered by my lack of regard of human life (although they had no problem with threatening my own) and frequently tried to claim that Ms. Goody deserved more sympathy than anyone else suffering from cancer despite [her wanting] to make as much money as possible before she died. I can only hope that her demise heralds a return to real television programming with professional actors."