Yoani Sanchez, our Observer in Cuba, is under permanent surveillance. She decided to photograph the men who camp outside her house.

Yoani lives in the capital Havana, from where she writes the blog Generacion Y. She was voted one of Time's most influential people for 2008.

I can only thank these courageous 'compañeros' who plant themselves on my doorstep day and night. Thanks to them, there's no more vandalism, fewer clothes stolen from the washing line, no more pissing on the steps, no more flashers exposing themselves to adolescents. Even the dogs have been booted out.

I've got nothing against the watchmen, they're only soldiers. But I do wonder if there's a better way to spend state money, at a time when production is crumbling. There nothing to see at my house. I've got nothing to hide. Everything I think, I write on my blog. You only need to read it..."