Israel election: "I don't believe there is any party able to handle the conflict right now"

Lisa Goldman, a blogger and a journalist, lives in Tel Aviv. She prefers not to reveal who she is voting for. Read more...


Photo: Meir Partush postée sur Flickr par Maxnathans

Israelis head to the polls next Tuesday to elect the country's next prime minister. In the run-up to the election, we ask a left-wing Tel Aviv resident - our first Observer below -, a former Kibbutz resident and Labour supporter, an Israeli Palestinian who supports the Arab party, a rightwing settler, and a Green party supporter and researcher what's on their minds as they prepare to vote.

Lisa Goldman, a blogger and a journalist, lives in Tel Aviv. She prefers not to reveal who she is voting for.


What is the single most important issue in the election for you personally, and which party will best handle that issue?

I think it has to be the conflict, including the withdrawal of all the occupied territory, and negotiations with all parties including Hamas and Fatah. I don't believe there is any party that can handle that issue right now.


Will Israel's economic situation influence your vote?

No, I don't think any political leaders know how to manage the upcoming economic crisis. Managing the economy needs a lot of attention and the conflict is taking up all of our attention.


Do you think the Gaza offensive has improved or worsened the security of Israel? Do you feel physically threatened where you live?

I do not feel physically threatened where I live. I believe the Gaza offensive might have a long-term effect on Israeli security because Hamas' popularity has risen on the street in the Arab world. It's is difficult for moderate Arab leaders to reach out to Israel.


Worldwide coverage focuses on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. What is the one thing you would like outsiders to know about Israel?

Israel is a much more diverse society than portrayed in the media. For instance, the blogoshere in Hebrew is more intellectual and more nuanced than a lot of the blogospere in English. A lot of the media in Hebrew is never translated.


Choose a photo that either represents the upcoming Israeli election or that struck you during the campaign.

Image: Adi Ginat

The caricature shows far-right MP Avigdor Lieberman mimicking John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever as bombs explode over Gaza in the Background."