The family of the woman in this image got hold of the surveillance footage after she died in a mental institution. The extent of the abuse they found, is inconceivable.

Wang Xiuying went into distress after the marriage of her two sons took place within three days. She suffered a breakdown on 7 December, smashing furniture and screaming. Her sons decided to take her to a metal hospital in Laiwu (Shandong province). The hospital managers admitted the patient, but refused to allow any family visits. After eight days of internment, Wang Xiuying's husband was informed that his wife had been transferred to Laiwu public hospital. When he arrived there he found her dead, and realised that she had already been deceased for some time. The patient's family demanded CCTV footage from the psychiatric hospital, which they supplied, dated December 9 to 15. Amongst the footage, the victim's son discovered evidence of extreme abuse taken out by the nurses. He posted screen grabs of the video on a discussion forum, along with his account of events (see below). Webusers, outraged by the affair, sent the images to the local press, who then went to interview the family. The local authorities say they've launched an investigation into the affair.

The hospital surveillance footage. Please be aware that these images may be upsetting.

Source: regional TV channel Qilu.

Screen grabs from the surveillance videos

Images posted on this forum.

The message from Zhu Chuanming, the victim's son

Today, January 5th, is 22 days since my mother died. Yesterday, my father and I were invited to see the head of the local government. She was very touched by our story and promised to get to the bottom of the affair. Today, I found out from reliable sources that the director of the hospital has finally accepted to be interviewed by the press. I'm really eager now, I hope that the truth will come out quickly and that justice will be found!"

Message posted here.


Webusers' reactions to the account

Be strong Zhu Chuanming, we all support you. We believe that justice will triumph in the end and the hospital director and nurse will be condemned."

Posted 5 Jan. 09 by "Tianfei".

We don't have the outcome of the investigation yet so let's not jump to conclusions. The video shown by the victim's family could have been edited to give the impression that the patient was beaten. However, nurses have to take exceptional measures to protect themselves against violent behaviour from mental patients. It would do good to wait to see what the investigation brings before taking it out on whoever."

Posted 4 Jan. 09.

All mental hospitals are like that, don't bother trying to stir things up; you won't get anywhere Just ask for a bit more money for the family and forget about the whole affair."

Posted 30 Dec. 08 on another forum by "Lanmao".