Israeli site Ynetnews, the English version of the major daily Yedioth Ahronoth, was hacked this morning by Pro-Palestinian cyberactivists. Is the Gaza conflict to be the centre of a hackers' war?

This information was first made known on Twitter (#Gaza). Here's the page that web users came across when they typed in the URL for Ynetnews, which is considered a politically moderate publication. One of the messages on the hacked page reads "The only solution for peace for all peoples in Palestine, Jews and Muslims and Christians is the demise of the Zionist and that the treatment of malignant cancer tumor". At around 2pm, the normal website reappeared.

It seems however that not all webusers were affected by the "hackage". Many who accessed the address saw the normal homepage. We'll carry on looking into this and update the post soon.  


The Ynetnews homepage un-hacked