A Colombian TV channel has broadcast a video of Ingrid Betancourt's rescue from the other side of the operation. When the helicopter takes off, the Farc cameraman, unaware of the trick that's just been played on him, is pleased to find that the fake humanitarian workers have left... a box of beer.

The video was obtained exclusively by the Colombian channel Noticias Uno. The guerrillas, who talk about the hostages' departure in good humour, have no idea that they've just taken part in one of the Farc's biggest ever setbacks.

The footage, filmed on a digital camera by a guerrilla, covers the whole rescue operation. As the first helicopter arrives, members of the Colombian Special Forces, disguised as the Red Cross, disembark. A second helicopter hovers above at the point where the hostages are exchanged. It was presented as a spare transporter for the hostages in case of emergency, when in reality it was full of Colombian soldiers ready to intervene (0.43'). The two sides then meet, and the guerrillas agree to be interviewed by fake Telesur journalists (2.37'). And finally, Betancourt's helicopter flies away.

At the end of the video, the guerrilla says "the comrades have gone man". Another Farc responds: "you know what he said to me, the guy from the Red Cross? He said 'take this as a little present' [the pack of beers left by the fake aid workers]. Goodbye comrades!"

See the version of the release that's we've seen until now.