Activists for the People's Alliance for Democracy, who have been camped out in an anti-government protest since August 26th, could give lessons on demonstrations to unionists around the world.

The People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) is an assortment of nationalists, royalists and anti-government unionists. One of our Observers in Bangkok explained to us that Thai people are used to taking part in sit-ins - they sleep, drink and eat protest, until they get what they want. The gathering of PAD supporters in the prime minister's gardens followed this tradition. It was perfectly planned and the organisers had even sorted out goodies to keep their troops entertained.

Material compiled with the help of blogger "Sunny", one of our Observers in Bangkok.

A diploma in demonstrating

For 100 baht (€2), activists can gain a diploma from the University of Ratchadamnoen, signed by the PAD leaders. The document certifies that the demonstrator has followed a strict course on the social and political problems of Thailand. According to Sunny, a young Thai actress created the certificates, and she made 10,000 copies. The profit from the sales finances PAD's satellite TV channel, called ASTV, which is broadcast at the demonstration 24 hours a day.

Photo par Hunsa.

Translation of the diploma:

"This certificate declares that Dr [name] has completed the course in ku-chart while attending a demonstration to create a new political system and bring down the Thaksin government."

Photos, posters, T-shirts, scarves…

Photo by John Jantak on Flickr.

All sorts of PAD-related products are sold on Ratchadamnoen Nok Avenue, close to the government gardens.

Plastic hands

Photo by John Jantak on Flickr.

These toy hands are better at applauding than real ones - they don't get tired of protesting. Very popular with the PAD protestors, they can be bought on-site in the gardens, or online, on the Chinese site Alibaba.