Michael Moore’s Gustav is 'proof there is a God' kicks up a storm

Film-maker Micheal Moore has kicked up a storm by saying that Hurricane Gustav's landfall on the first day of the Republican convention is "proof there is a God in heaven". Read more...


Academy Award-winning documentary film-maker Michael Moore has never been one to mince his words. Neither has Keith Olbermann, host of MSNBC's "Countdown with Keith Olbermann." Like Moore, Olbermann has made stinging attacks on prominent Republicans and raised eyebrows when he advised US President George Bush to "shut the hell up." So, when the two of them get together, it's not really party time for the American Right. But when Moore, in a "Countdown" interview, said Hurricane Gustav's landfall on the first day of the Republican convention is "proof there is a God in heaven," it kicked up a Category 5 storm.

"Proof there is a god in heaven"


"This is about Michael Moore being a media whore"

Ken Shepherd is a conservative blogger currently at the Republican convention.

It's sad, when it comes to the unfortunate timing of Hurricane Gustav and the start of the Republican National Convention, but I expected someone would say something like that. It's sad to have someone reacting like that, but it only reflects their opinion of the opposition - it reflects the hatred of the Left. It's one thing if people think that privately, but it's quite another to say it publicly.

To some extent, it's a way for Michael Moore to generate interest in what he's working on right now. I have no idea what he's working on right now, because he hasn't been in the news in a while. But this is how he can generate interest. People will see him on TV and try to find out about his latest project. It's been a while since he said something that got media attention.

Does this surprise me? No, I'm not at all surprised. This is about Michael Moore being a media whore of course. He's a consummate media whore, a socialist with impeccable capitalist credentials because he's making a lot of money out of his socialism - like a good capitalist.

This has happened before of course. Democrat Don Fowler was filmed on a plane saying, 'The hurricane's going to hit New Orleans about the time they start,' referring to the Republican Convention. 'That just demonstrates that God's on our side.'

But that was a private conversation. It's all part of the new media age. If you're a politician, you have to be careful. There are merits and demerits to this. But I think overall it's a good thing - it helps to keep politicians on their toes."