"Abysmal" says Republican Fred Thompson on the Palin affair

In a speech at the GOP convention, Senator Fred Thompson condemns the media frenzy over the Palin teen pregnancy affair. Read more and see the video.


Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin's admission that her single, 17-year-old daughter, Bristol, is pregnant has kicked up a media storm that threatens to rain on the GOP convention in St. Paul, Minnesota. At a breakfast meeting on the sidelines of the convention, former Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson ripped into the US media for seizing on the story.


"[The media] are in a feeding frenzy right now"

Our Observer and editor of the blog NewsBusters, Ken Shepherd was filming the talk from the the former Hollywood actor and Tennessee senator.

This talk was at a breakfast buffet at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, not far from the Xcel Center in St. Paul. There were around 30 bloggers present - it was an event open to the new media, there was no traditional mainstream media there. I think the fact that it was a new media event made it a very informal chat. The audience was small, friendly and committed Republicans. It was great because the breakfast talk was before his featured speech Tuesday night. So, in a sense, we got a sneak peak, a little preview of his big speech.

I'm a real fan of Fred Thompson, personally. And this was my first real life encounter with him. He really had charisma - he's tall, warm, charming and he has a real folksy appeal.

You can see it in action in the video. The laughter that you hear in the backdrop, that's me behind the camera. Fred Thompson's can be really fun - and he can be tough.

When we asked him about the mainstream media coverage of the campaign, he was blunt: ‘It's been generally poor up until now, and now it's abysmal,' he said. ‘The abysmal part has to do with Sarah Palin. They're in a feeding frenzy right now. The liberal blogosphere is going wild."