Our Observer Julissa Reynoso calls herself a "ferocious Hillary supporter". So it was only fitting that on Hillary Clinton's big night at the Democratic convention, when the former First Lady took to the floor to support Barack Obama's White House bid, Reynoso got a leg-up in the Pepsi Center seating order. In short, Reynoso was given a seat in an exclusive, private booth earmarked for close friends and supporters of Clinton - including her school friends and high school sweetheart.

"A crowd of really close friends of Hillary Clinton"

It was a really moving night. It was kinda' surreal. I mean, look, I was sitting with a crowd of really close friends of Hillary Clinton - people she had gone to elementary and high school with.


Here's a picture of Hillary from our booth. (Photo 1)

One of the "Little Rock Nine" guys was in our booth. The Little Rock Nine is the group of African-American students in Arkansas who were prevented from entering a racially segregated school back in 1957.

They only managed to attend school after then-President Eisenhower intervened. It's one of the most important events in the Civil Rights movement. I was like, what am I doing here?

Well, I was having a good time actually. I met this man who told me he was Hillary Clinton's boyfriend in high school. Fancy that. There were Clinton friends from all walks of life, including her elementary school friends. It's a testament to her loyalty that she has kept so many friends from her childhood.

Oh, at one stage, James Carville, media star and former Bill Clinton campaign strategist, popped in. Here's a shot of him. What a night! (Photo 2)."

Photo 1


Photo 2