The video clip filmed entirely by cctv cameras... or so we thought

Everyone was well impressed with the idea of a UK britpop band who released an entire video clip with the use of seemingly cctv recorded footage that they got hold of under the freedom of information act. That is, until the press found out that half of the stuff was filmed normally.


Desperately seeking fame in Europe's music capital, Britpop band The Get Out Clause decided to use their country's obsession with closed-circuit television to create a video that looked as though it was all filmed on surveillance cameras. However, despite the trick initially sending the unsigned group straight to fame for their apparent penny-saving ingenuity, they were soon slated when it was discovered that most of the footage was fake. Here, the band's guitarist responds the attacks.

Tony is the guitarist of The Get Out Clause.

"It was not a hoax. The film did include a mixture of real cctv, mock ctv and hand held camera. The original intention was to use cctv exclusively, but it wasn't possible because of the limited footage we were able to get back under the government acts. After all, we're artists, not journalists or documentary makers and the most important thing for us was to make a video that looked good. If we had only used cctv and nothing else the video itself would have been very one dimensional with no interesting shots of people's reactions. But there was no big camera crew or production company

As far as I know we are the first group to do something like this. We put it on YouTube but didn't really promote it. When it was claimed it was a hoax we were quite upset because of the amount of time and effort we put into making the video. But Liam [the band's manager] explained that it didn't really matter too much because people were still talking about it. The video has opened our eyes to the worldwide potential we have, it is exciting to think that people from America, France, Italy, Japan, China, Australia, Canada have all now heard of The Get Out Clause and the internet has played a big part in that."

The video for the song Paper, released 7 May.