Chinese web-users angered by disruptions during the Olympic torch's tour through Paris last week are organising a campaign to boycott Carrefour starting May 1st, according to Reuters. Our Observer in China has sent us images of a mini-protest in front of a Carrefour store in Beijing. The police intervened in the affair, but only by asking the protesters to move on.

UPDATE (18 APRIL 08 10am): Protests against Carrefour have sprung up all over China and the demonstrators have extended their crusade to several other French companies including Luis Vuitton, Sephora and Dior. See new pictures at the bottom of the post.

UPDATE: new pictures of the anti-France protests

A blog set up on displays which products to boycott.


In Kunming (southwest). Photo AFP posted on forum. 18 April 08.


Xi'an (central). Posted on 17 April 08.


Qingdao (northeast). Posted on 17 April 08.

The police intervene, but not in their usual style


Protester: I want to protest in front of a French building

Policeman: You can go to their embassy or send them a petition

Protester: The people must know

Policeman: The people can find out about it on the internet. There are lots of web-users in China. You must also help me to keep my job...

Tibet has always been, and will always be, a part of China!

A girl who calls herself "kittyshelley" protests in front of the Bai shi qiao Carrefour store in Beijing.