The Olympic flame had to be put out for half an hour during its tour around Paris because of havoc wreaked by mainly pro-Tibetan protesters. ChinaWolf, who set up a YouTube channel to "defend the Chinese reputation", explains to us why he thinks the protests were unacceptable.

"Chinese hero" assaults Tibetan "liar"

A video of the same demonstration published by ChinaWolf. You can see a pro-Games protesters chase and then hit a Tibetan campaigner. ChinaWolf explains why he posted this video on his site:

I'm not someone violent. But when the situation is extreme, you have to defend yourself. This guy's a Chinese hero. In Japan, England and the US there are loads of racist people, and they publish their anti-Chinese propaganda on YouTube. This type of video is my way of getting back at them."

ChinaWolf's videos: a pro China protest in London

ChinaWolf says that Western media only cover anti-Olympic Games protests and not pro-Beijing supporters, even if they're in the majority. This video was shot in London during a demonstration by pro-Games Chinese protesters.

Video posted 6 April 08

"Without Chinese censorship (...) people would end up getting very violent, especially against westerners"

ChinaWolf, 24, moved from China to Vancouver six years ago. He runs a YouTube site "campaigning to defend the reputation of China":

I've lived in Canada for a long time and studied political science at uni here. And I know what human rights are. I agree that it's not one of China's strong points. But the western media are manipulated by Tibetan organisations who want to manipulate China's image. There's no genocide in Tibet. That's just rubbish the Dalai Lama makes up.

I was in Beijing when we got the Olympics. There were a million people in Tiananmen Square. Everyone was so happy that our country would be organising the event. And it's an incredible opportunity economically for the nation. It's not fair to make it into a political event.

I started the YouTube channel two years ago to defend the reputation of my country. I did it at first to protest against the Japanese prime minister visiting the cemetery where we buried all their war criminals. That time it caused a massive polemic on the net, and web users got really violent. Now the same thing is happening. What's happened with the flame in London and China will only amplify anti-western sentiments in China.

The western media say that it's Chinese censorship that incites nationalism. But I think it's the opposite. It's a good thing that there is censorship because if not, Chinese people would end up getting very violent, especially against westerners. The government just wants to keep people calm. I know that the communist party is also trying to protect their reputation. But personally I find that normal. They've worked hard in the last few years and improved the economy a lot. You live a better, and cheaper, life in China today than you do in Canada."

Photos sent by MMS

These photos, taken at Place de Trocadéro in Paris, were sent to us at 2pm by MMS by protesters.

Reporters Without Borders put up a banner on the Eiffel tower illustrating the Olympic rings as handcuffs.

Pro-Tibet protesters.

Pro-Beijing protesters.