Chinese authorities have so far reported 13 dead since the beginning of the incidents while Tibetan activists say that at least one hundred people have been killed. These amateur photos, which we're the first to publish, contradict the official Chinese statement.

The photos were taken at the Kirti Monastery (in the county of Aba, Sichuan province, near Tibet) and retrieved by the Free Tibet Campaign. According to the organisation, they were taken after a demonstration of hundreds of people initiated by monks. The police are said to have used teargas, before shooting at the crowd and killing between 13 and 30 people according to eye witnesses quoted by the organisation. Please note that because there are no journalists in the area it's impossible to have this information verified.

Photos taken on Sunday night at Kirti monastery

The monks gather to mourn their dead by throwing offerings on to the bodies, which are wrapped up in cloths.


A detail of the same photo.


A body that had been wrapped in blankets.


A protester allegedly killed by a shot to the chest.


A protester killed by a bullet to the back of the neck.