The 'dumbest blog post of the election season'

When one blogger fine-combed Hillary Clinton’s last campaign clip (below), she thought she had found something incredible. On the pyjamas of the sleeping child who appears at the beginning of the clip, the letters “NIG” are printed. A racist message from the ex-first lady?


When Ann Althouse discovered that the letters "NIG" appear in Clinton's campaign video, she was certain that the motif printed on the child's pyjamas must be a subliminal racist attack against black candidate Barack Obama. The blogger, a law lecturer in Brooklyn, has made herself a laughing stock on the blogosphere. Jason Linkins from the Huffington Post has even called her idea the "dumbest blog post of the election season (so far)". According to him the letters probably make up the first half of "goodnight", and to come to any other conclusion requires some twisted thinking.

The video is however, under fire from more rational critics. For many bloggers it's simply and shamelessly playing on fear.

Two of the best takeoffs of the clip

"Be brave America"

Posted 3 March 08. on "Election2008"

"Barack Obama doesn't hear the phone; he snores too loud"

Posted 29 Feb.08 by "Irregularjim"

Obama's response

Barack Obama didn't waste time in responding to the attack. A parody of the original but with a serious message, the clip reminds viewers that it's probably better if the person who answers the phone is not someone who voted for the war in Iraq...

Posted 28 Feb. 08 on YouTube

"It’s 3am and your children are safe and asleep, but there’s a phone in the White House - and it’s ringing…"

Posted 29 Feb. 08