Just like last year, the year before last, and the year before that, a cyclone has swept over Madagascar. And just like every other year, thousands of Madagascans find themselves on the street, hoping that international aid is on its way.

"Thankfully in Madagascar we have "valintanana""

Comment from Avylavitra, manager of a state-owned IT business in Tananarive:

The cyclone came in from the east on Saturday night and was in the capital by Sunday. Now, more than 15,000 people are disaster victims because their homes have been destroyed or are flooded. Each year it's the same thing. You get used to it. Each time we get aid from abroad, notably from the American NGO CARE. The government sets up some shelters. But, we also know that some of the aid is diverted.


Thankfully in Madagascar we have "Valintanana". It means solidarity between volunteers who expect nothing in return for their help. For example, I've taken five of my family members into my home."