"Sniper" catches sweetener on film

A Moroccan “sniper” has posted a video of police accepting bribes from motorists.


These images were taken at the frontier post between Nador (northeastern Morocco) and the Spanish enclave of Melilla. According to the web-user who posted the video, police accept backhanders in return for a less-than-thorough check. The video was posted by “Sniper Nador”, probably named in honour of “Sniper Tarjist”, who posted a similar video last summer. We see a motorist slip something into a policeman's hand, although we can’t make out what. But one thing’s for sure: the Moroccan blogosphere will be taken up with this new fad of being a “sniper”.

Sniper Tarjists's video

Posted 8 July 08

Sniper Nador's video

Posted 18 Feb. 08