KKK – 'Increased and strengthened' since Obama's election

American photographer Anthony Karen spent over two years trying to get access to the Ku Klux Klan before being able to actually document them. His photos show that the white supremacist group created over 140 years ago is still alive and well today. And even more so since the election of America's first black president.


Buskers find fame online

From the Bristol "beatboxer" to the Indian percussionist family, here's our selection of the best buskers from around the world, now available off the streets and online... Read more and see the performances.

"Veiled Love" – the film that’s causing a scandal in Morocco

"Veiled Love", or "Hijab el Hob", tells the story of a young Moroccan woman who chooses to have sex before marriage. Read more and watch the trailer...


The "hide-and-seek affair": web users backtalk the government

On 17 February we published a post about the debate sparked after the Chinese police justified a prisoner's death by claiming that he died because of a dispute playing hide-and seek. Since then, the unlikely affair has only gained more attention. Web users continue to dig up details about the man's death and blame the local authorities. Read more...

"Web users" go to the prison to investigate. 

Far from the same old opposition protest

Why was Saturday's opposition rally in Moscow strikingly different from previous events? Because not one protestor was beaten or arrested. Even stranger - pro-Kremlin counter activists themselves were detained by the police. Which beggars the question; is the Russian government warming to the idea of freedom of speech? Read more and see the images...

Amsterdam plane crash – photo on Twitter minutes later

A Turkish airline plane has crashed while coming in to land at Schiphol airport. The number of victims is yet to be known. Minutes after, a Twitter user posted a photo of the aircraft. See the image.

Tamils abroad "living a collective depression"

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are today facing extinction, cornered in the country's north-eastern jungle territory by the Sri Lankan regular forces. One of our Observers, a Tamil refugee in France, tells us of the torment endured by the community, which faces unending reports of mortalities. Read more...


The girl who rescued the family business by raising money on Facebook

Fanny Gamelin has saved her father's family business by raising 200,000 euros on the net, mainly thanks to Facebook. She tells us about her fight and the initiative that helped win it, despite the financial crisis. Read more...


How to make millions: sell your death to the British tabloids

One of Britain's most hated and loved celebrities has made over a million pounds by selling her dying days to the tabloid press. The 27-year-old cancer sufferer, who's famous for being ignorant, racist and overweight, has been given weeks to live - and she hasn't wasted a minute. Read more...


Domino's Pizza vs. Subway, total advertising warfare

In light of a fast-food consumption slow-down in the US, dwindling customers are being fought over in an all-out advertising war by bitter sandwich makers. In the latest squabble, pizza chain Domino's set fire to a written complaint from sandwich chain Subway on national TV. It's something that would never happen in Europe because of regulations - is comparative advertising necessary? Read more and see the clip...