Tales from Mexico City: "My mother has been in hospital for two weeks now"

A student from Mexico City, whose mother was taken to hospital after she was infected with the A (H1N1) flu, tells us how he's getting through the ordeal. Read his account...


Chechens rally through Moscow centre

A group of Chechen and Ingush youths tore through the streets of Moscow on Saturday in a show of patriotism for their respective motherlands.But the bling bling affair, complete with, flashy cars, gunshots and speeding, came to a sorry end when the parade obstructed a police car a few hours into their stint. Nineteen were charged with disorderly conduct. Read more and see the video...


Is the crisis in Madagascar really over?

Since Andry Rajoelina took power last month, Madagascar is no longer front page news. The conflict however, is not over, and supporters of exiled president Marc Ravolomanana continue to demonstrate. One of our Observers there tells us how the government is trying to put a stop to the movement. Read more...


Swine flu – are the masks really protecting people?

As the first cases of swine flu are confirmed in Europe and the first fatality in the US, everybody wants to know how best to protect themselves from the virus. Are the masks we see worn in Mexico City efficient? Not really, according to a specialist... Read more.

China’s latest debate: the story of the Nanking massacre told by "Japanese Schindler"

Despite its popularity in Chinese cinemas, the director of a film which attempts to deal with "The Rape of Nanking" - the 1937 Japanese massacre in China's former capital - has come under fire on the Chinese web, for his apparent compassion with the Japanese soldiers. Read more and see the trailer...


'Playing for Change': buskers worldwide unite for peace

Can music bring together the entire human race? That's the belief of "Playing For Change", a group of young Americans who travel the world recording buskers, amateur choirs and singers of every nationality, and then put them on the same record. Read more and see the videos...


9/11 déjà vu: "It's a hijacking, I know it!"

New Yorkers were scared out of their wits on Monday evening when two low-flying planes approached the city's landmarks. The planes were not, however, under the control of terrorist hijackers as suspected, but merely taking part in a presidential plane photo shoot. Who would have thought it?! Not the local residents, as they received absolutely no forewarning from the government. See the videos...


A mother’s dilemma

In the early stages of her pregnancy, Canadian blogger Myah Walker was confronted with a mother's worst nightmare. Doctors told her that the baby had only a partially formed brain, and would likely die before birth or shortly afterwards; a condition called anencephaly. She refused abortion. And despite the odds, her baby is still alive two months after she was born. Read more...


The Taliban advance in Pakistan and America's 'double game'

The Taliban have positioned themselves less than 100km from the Pakistani capital. One of our Observers in the country tells us that she doesn't see the militant group taking power. She explains however that the US, which has today expressed alarm over the advancing Taliban, is partly responsible for the mounting success of Islamic extremism in the country. Read more...


Why the world is shunning French wine for Australian labels

The world's long-time supreme winemaker, France has slipped from first place to third among wine exporters in the past four years, leaving Italy and Spain in the lead. At the same time, wines from the New World are going from strength to strength. The major difference - marketing. Our Observer, a Frenchman studying the business of wine in Australia, explains. Read more...