"Go die elsewhere, I've got a train to catch"

He was 33, he was a Roma gypsy, and he played the organ in Naples's metro. He was shot dead on May 27, caught in mafia crossfire. The scene, caught on several security cameras, shocked many Italians: while one man died at their feet, onlookers continued to pass the metro turnstiles. Read more and watch the video...


French student deported from Cuba for befriending political dissidents

Foreigners are welcome in Cuba, as long as they stick to the beaches and don't meddle with local politics. A young French student learnt this the hard way, when she was forcibly deported from the island after she befriended local political dissidents. Read more...


Neda, a coveted icon

Neda’s blood-stained face and frozen stare has come to symbolise the violent clashes between protestors and police or militia forces in Iran. She has become the icon of democracy advocates opposed to the re-election of hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. But the authorities are trying hard to break her aura. Read more...


Wall Street Journal says Siemens-Nokia helps Iran tap Internet users: exaggeration?

According to the Wall Street Journal, a joint venture between mobile phone companies Nokia and Siemens built a "monitoring centre" within the government's telecom monopoly enabling authorities to inspect and intercept Web traffic. Read more..


Our Observer in Tehran lifts the lid on Web censorship

Iranian Internet has slowed down massively over the last ten days, and is down to 5kb/s. More and more websites and social networking sites (Facebook, etc) are filtered. One of our Observers, Sara M. (pseudo), a student in Tehran, managed to send us a short video in which she shows how state censorship works on the Web and on text-messaging services. Watch the video...


Media blooper of the year: Bolivian channel uses images from TV drama "Lost" in coverage of Air France crash

A mighty blow for Bolivian television network PAT. Last Thursday, they aired "exclusive" photos supposedly taken by a passenger of Air France flight 447 at the moment the plane crashed. In fact, the mid-air plane dismemberment photos were taken from the television series "Lost." Read more and see the videos...


Shishou residents up in arms over suspicious death

Authorities say he jumped from the third floor. Local residents say he was murdered. The death of a cook from central China's Shishou town caused an outburst of violence in the streets on Saturday, resulting in a harsh response from the riot police. And just in time to get past the censors, Web users have managed to pass on these images of events. Read more and see the photos...


The videos that shame Israel

This humiliating video belongs to a collection of clips that officers from the Israeli Border Police have posted on YouTube. Shocking evidence of abuse at the hands of the security forces, the clips date back a year, and despite being posted on YouTube, had not until now raised any eyebrows. Read more and see the video... 

Tehran: “I’m too scared to leave the house”

The day after Ayatollah Ali Khameni's speech in Tehran, thousands of demonstrators poured onto the streets, despite being told not to. The response from the authorities was severe. One of our Observers there gives his account of what was possibly the most violent day since the start of the protests. Read more...


Gigantic Three Gorges Dam viewed from space

These high quality images of China's Three Gorges Dam were captured by the International Space Station in April. It took 15 years to build the world's biggest and most powerful hydroelectric dam, and despite concerns over its human and environmental impact, it finally came into use last autumn. Read more...