Guinea-Bissau leaderless after gangland killing

Guinea-Bissau awoke on Monday morning without a president. Head of State Joao Bernando Vieira was gunned down as he tried to escape from a group of soldiers who attacked his home. Our Observers from Guinea-Bissau speak about the tragic events of the day. Read more...


Does the Michelin Guide still have a good nose?

The gospel for some, a touch has-been for others, the Michelin Guide is no longer the be-all and end-all of culinary critique. Chefs, gourmets, critics and bloggers are ready to fight it out with stars and rolling pins. Read more...

Bloggers launch 'Operation General Dead'

The cyberactivist Mohammed Adel faces charges of terrorism in Egypt. To express their support, a group of Egyptian bloggers have launched a satirical "Operation General Dead". Their "pro-terrorism" campaign is so realistic Facebook has decided to censor it. Read more and view the photos...


Chinese Web fuming over auctioned bronzes

Chinese bloggers have been locked in a bitter dispute over the sale of two bronze relics stolen a century ago by French soldiers. The bronzes fetched €15.7 million each at this week's Yves Saint Laurent auction in Paris. While some demand their immediate return, others recognise they were better preserved in France. Read more and view the Chinese cartoons…

Deborah’s body charts battle against breast cancer

Copyright: Deborah D. Lattimore

When Deborah Lattimore found out she had breast cancer in September last year, she decided to document her struggle with the illness and post the photos online. A stark but important message: having a mammogram can save your life. Read more and see her images…


"Every day I try to make myself more employable"

Alexander Stone Dale, 46, gave up 20 years of cab driving in New York last year to pursue "more interesting avenues". Currently unemployed, Alex is still exploring those new possibilities. And whenever he sees a job he'd like but isn't qualified for, he undertakes his own training. Read more...

KKK – 'Increased and strengthened' since Obama's election

American photographer Anthony Karen spent over two years trying to get access to the Ku Klux Klan before being able to actually document them. His photos show that the white supremacist group created over 140 years ago is still alive and well today. And even more so since the election of America's first black president.


Buskers find fame online

From the Bristol "beatboxer" to the Indian percussionist family, here's our selection of the best buskers from around the world, now available off the streets and online... Read more and see the performances.

"Veiled Love" – the film that’s causing a scandal in Morocco

"Veiled Love", or "Hijab el Hob", tells the story of a young Moroccan woman who chooses to have sex before marriage. Read more and watch the trailer...


The "hide-and-seek affair": web users backtalk the government

On 17 February we published a post about the debate sparked after the Chinese police justified a prisoner's death by claiming that he died because of a dispute playing hide-and seek. Since then, the unlikely affair has only gained more attention. Web users continue to dig up details about the man's death and blame the local authorities. Read more...

"Web users" go to the prison to investigate.