Diary of a young woman campaigning for reform

Iran has one of the largest female student populations in the world, and yet for the past four years this segment of society has been increasingly oppressed by the conservative authorities. The forthcoming presidential election is an opportunity for Iran's youth; women in particular, to make themselves heard. One of those doing just that tells us about her day campaigning for reformist candidate Mirhossein Mousavi. Read more...


Spot the difference, Saudi style

Images of bare female flesh are banned in Saudi Arabia. There's no efficient system in place for removing the offensive material, however, which means that somebody has the painstaking job of colouring all those arms, legs, midriffs and cleavages that appear on the covers of Western magazines and imported products. The latest cover-up victim: American singer Katy Perry. Read more...


Czech youths protest their leaders with eggs

For politicians in the Czech Republic, the European elections have turned the country into something of a sticky battleground. For two weeks the country's leaders were faced with increasing numbers of attacks by egg throwers. At first they tried to make a joke of it, but after the assaults became more violent, the politicians were relieved today to see the young activists put down their egg cartons. Read more...


Our Observer describes the humanitarian disaster in Swat valley

One of our Observers in Karachi, south Pakistan, has travelled the length of the country in order to administer humanitarian aid in the war-torn region of Swat valley. The refugees are left with absolutely nothing, he tells us, and getting aid to them is hindered by the local authorities. Read his account...


Border dispute: Mexican residents attending US state-funded schools

This video claims to show dozens of Mexican residents crossing the border into Arizona and being driven by bus to a school in the town of Douglas, where they allegedly attend a state-funded school. The document has caused a furore in the state. Read more and watch the video...


Gardening: the sweetest crime

The "Guerrilla Gardeners" are growing in number. Armed with spades and rakes, these activists are on a mission to create green spaces in our city centres. Read more...


Our TV programme – what do you think?

This is the first edition of our TV show, launched on Saturday. Watch it and let us know what you think.


Iraq’s version of 'Sex, Lies and Videotape'

"For you, we'd sacrifice Al-Maliki". It's these words, recorded in a video of the Iraqi Trade Secretary's spokesperson addressing a prostitute, that are causing a racket on the Iraqi web. Not great timing either; the man in question faces corruption allegations, part of a scandal that has led to the resignation of his boss. Read more...


Facebook ban lifted: “the only place where we can talk about politics”

No wonder the authorities wanted Facebook banned. But Iranian Facebook users are heaving a sigh of relief today after access to the site was reopened this morning. So what was all the fuss about? One of our Observers in Tehran explains the election debates raging on the online social network and why President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad probably isn't a big fan. Read more...


Home-made blockbusters

"The Lord of The Rings", "Batman" and "The Matrix" were all very popular films which benefit from a strong community. They're so popular that fans are filming their own versions or spoofs of the films, thanks to current computer technology. Most of the young directors behind these films, some of which are reaching professional quality, share the same dream: to become a part of the Hollywood constellation. Read more...