Migrants, police chase and golfers: no, this is not Photoshopped

At the forefront of the photo, two people are busy playing golf. Just behind them, migrants are scaling a giant fence to try to get away from the police. This photo, which was taken in Melilla, a Spanish enclave in Morocco, was posted online Wednesday by the NGO Prodein and quickly started circulating. Many Internet users were convinced it had to be a photomontage. But this photo is indeed real...

Afro-Brazilian women criticise 'racist' take on Sex and the City

‘Sexo e as Negas’ is a Brazilian retake on the cult show ‘Sex and the City.’ The original show was famous for its depiction of four sexually liberated women. But black women in Brazil say that this Brazilian version of the show, which stars four black actresses, does the opposite: it reduces black women to a sexualized, racialized stereotype that they say does not represent them. Read more…

Acid attacks in Iran: ‘My sister won’t go outside anymore’

There have been at least four cases of acid attacks on women in the last two weeks in Isfahan, in central Iran. A rumour quickly spread throughout the city according to which the women were attacked because they weren’t covered up enough. This prompted several thousand residents to take to the streets in protest, and call on the authorities to act. Read more...

Growing concern over fate of Tunisian journalists kidnapped in Libya

It’s been 50 days since Sofiene Chourabi, a Tunisian journalist and a FRANCE 24 Observer, was kidnapped along with a colleague while reporting in Libya. His friends and family fear the upcoming Tunisian elections and the chaos reigning in Libya will delay efforts to secure his release. Read more...

Activists risk their lives to spray anti-IS graffiti in Raqqa

Despite being a frequent target of airstrikes by the US-led coalition, the city of Raqqa in eastern Syria is still firmly in the hands of the Islamic State (IS) group. Thousands of civilians have fled the city, but one group of activists has stayed behind to denounce the jihadists' brutal rule. Their actions include spray-painting graffiti with anti-IS slogans on the walls of the city – a daring act that could cost them their lives. Read more...

Video: Spanish police beat African migrants at Melilla border

A video has emerged showing police beating up African migrants at the Spanish border. About 200 African migrants who were trying to get into Melilla - a Spanish enclave in northwest Morocco - were reportedly beaten up by Spain’s Guardia Civil (police) on October 15. Read more...

Top Iranian human rights lawyer protests 'attack on profession'

Renowned Iranian human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh and a handful of her friends held a sit-in on Tuesday in Tehran to protest the bar association’s decision to ban her from working. They were also protesting increasing threats on the profession. Sotoudeh told FRANCE 24 she plans to protest every day until her demands are met. Read more...


Iranian actress rejects chador, storms off show

Famous Iranian actress Narges Mohammadi was set to host an evening of shows in the small town of Haji Abad last week. But everything turned upside down when the local iman demanded that she wear not just a hijab (or headscarf) but a chador, a cloak-like, full-body covering. Mohammadi is alleged to have been so angry that she stormed out of the show, to the ire of the concert-goers. Read more.

Priests race to save manuscripts from jihadists in Iraq

As fighters from the Islamic State group rampage across northern Syria and Iraq, a group of priests are racing against time to save what's left of the region's Christian heritage. Dominican Order priests have already managed to get many precious artifacts and manuscripts safely to Erbil in Kurdistan. Read more...


Protests over missing Mexican students erupt into violence

There's still no word of what happened to the 43 students who disappeared in southern Mexico at the end of September. Fellow students from the Ayotzinapa teacher training college have organised mass protests to pressure authorities to step-up efforts to locate their missing classmates. As time passes, our Observer says protesters are becoming more and more radicalised. Read more...