Swimming with sharks

For these swimmers, just being present isn't enough; winning is the ultimate and only goal. Laure Manaudou, Natalie Coughlin, Katie Hoff, Alain Bernard, Pieter van den Hoogenband and Michael Phelps are all real contenders for the gold.

As for the men's relay, France, led by 100m world recorder holder Alain Bernard, has never been so close to the two giant swimming delegations, US and Australian teams.

But who has the character to go all the way?


"A lot of records are expected to be broken"

Mohsen Klibi, Tunisia's National Technical Director, is certain: new record are expected to be broken.

With all the new records this year, I am sure we will see extraordinary times during these Olympics and it is certain plenty of world and Olympic records will be broken.

Every nation, including France, US, Australia or the Netherlands but also less-heralded countries such as Canada, are ready to compete and bring back medals.

'Stars in Beijing 2008' posted by FRANCE 24 on Youtube


Everything started in 2004, after Athens, when swimmers started to improve their times. In June 2008, at the last World Cup in Melbourne, the race reached another level and now the pressure is on for every swimmer who want to go down in history.

Oussama [Mellouli], 2007 world champion in individual medley is also ready to take on his opponents. He is the only hope for a Tunisian medal. After his 18-months ban for testing positive for amphetamines, he now wants to prove to the world he is worth his world rank.


'Leisel Jones, three times silver medal champion' posted by FRANCE 24 on Youtube



They should remove the

They should remove the swimsuits of the americans buffoons, I can't believe they are allowed.

It was nice to see the

It was nice to see the French team get egg in their face. It was good to see the faces of shame of the French swim team after losing to the US.

American Buffoons?

How dare you!!!!!! I don't care much for their swimsuits either but buffoons? I think not. Hmmmmm, sounds like the French butt whipping from the USA struck a nerve somewhere. Oh well, "c'est la vie."

Another arogant French sports imbecile takes it in the butt.

Another French sports nit-wit bites the dust. "We will crush the USA in the 100 X 4 meter relay".

Nice "crushing", Bernard and company. You snatched defeat from the jaws of victory just like Van de Velde did in the 1999 British Open.

Two French buffoons cut from the same cloth.