There was widespread outcry after a commander in Nigeria’s road safety organization was caught on camera punishing female employees by chopping off their hair.

In a neutral post on their official Facebook page, the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) shared photos of the male senior officer, Andrew Kumapayi, cutting hair during a "hair, uniform and fingernails inspection" in the city of Port Harcourt on April 10. The FRSC is the government agency responsible for road safety and road management across the country.

Commander Kumapayi can be seen taking scissors to the hair of female staff in these photos posted on the official FRSC Facebook page, then reposted on Twitter by @laurestar.

Public outcry ensued and the FRSC later deleted the post.

A day later, they said they had punished Kumapayi for this punitive hair cut. The BBC reported that a FRSC spokesman said that Kumapayi’s action was “outside” the unit’s mandate. An online FRSC parade etiquette code says nothing about long hair, but says that female employees should “maintain a hairstyle that can be tucked under their beret".

Kumapayi, the regional chief for the FRSC in the southern Rivers State, has thus far kept silent about his unique disciplinary practices.