The Islamic State organisation (IS) has once again used social networks to broadcast its brutal propaganda. On Tuesday, the jihadist group published a new video showing a line of Syrian army soldiers being made to walk in their underwear in the desert. A source within IS told FRANCE 24 that these men were later executed.

The prisoners are seen walking in tight rows as their captors mock and taunt them, pretending to herd them like sheep. The video is clearly meant to humiliate the Syrian army, yet another provocation from a long list of actions staged by the terrorist group.


Syrian solders who were taken prisoner by jihadists from the organisation Islamic State. Video posted on YouTube.

This sequence was filmed near the Tabqa air base, which was the Syrian army’s last bastion in Raqqa province before the jihadists took control of it on Sunday, following violent combat.

With the IS takeover of the military airport, Raqqa has become the first province of Syria entirely controlled by the Islamic militants. Only a few villages are still in the hands of Kurds, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Syrian solders getting out of IS trucks. Photo published on Twitter by an IS jihadist.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has counted 541 soldiers killed (170 of which died Sunday) since the jihadists launched their attack on the airport on August 19. The Islamic State organisation, meanwhile, reportedly lost 346 fighters.

Apart from Raqqa, IS forces also control a large swathe of territory around Aleppo (in the north) and Deir Ezzor (in the east) as well as parts of Al-Hasakah (in the northeast).

Syrian regime soldiers walking in the desert, as IS fighters watch on. Photo published on Twitter by an IS jihadist.