Screen grab from the video below.

This footage shows a resident of Tunis that had gone to the police station to report a theft being attacked by a policeman who felt the man was “wasting his time”.

The video was only shared on social networks on Sunday evening, but the incident actually took place on August 16. A man in the station’s waiting room filmed the officer - with his back to the camera - attacking a man wearing a white T-shirt. The officer insults the man agressively, calling him “a loser,” before punching and slapping him. The officer then grips the victim by his collar and pulls him into another room.

Video published on Facebook and republished by France 24.

According to FRANCE 24’s sources, the man in the white T-shirt had come to the police station in downtown Tunis to report the theft of his wallet.

On Tunisian social networks, the video provoked shock and outrage.

“The police behave like animals, they are worthless! They force people to hate policemen – even those that are honest!”

“Is this the concept of our country’s police force? Where did they get this idea? Tunisians, when they aren’t policemen, act like regular people… but as soon as they put on a police officer’s uniform, they become violent! That’s the mentality of Tunisian police officers…”