A giant robot has been standing in the middle of the road in Lumumbashi, the Democratic Republic of Congo’s second largest city, since last week. It’s not a work of art – it’s an actual traffic controller. Not only does it shine red, orange, and green lights, it also moves it arms to show pedestrians when they can and can’t cross the street. It all works thanks to a solar panel, located right over the robot’s head.
Built by “Women Technologies”, an organisation that helps Congolese women engineers find work, the robot is also equipped with a camera that is linked to a police station, helping them monitor bad drivers.
This is the third robot of its kind to be set up in the country. Two others were installed in the capital, Kinshasa, in June 2013.
The traffic controller robot in Lumumbashi. Video filmed by our Observer Didier Makal Mukaleng.