Iranians throughout the world celebrated the festival of fire on Tuesday night as they do every year. This is an ancient pagan celebration that ushers in the Persian New Year (on March 20 or 21st).
During the festivities, many people go out into the streets and on public squares. They light little fires and jump over them, while saying the prhase: “Zardi-ye man az to, Sorkhi-ye to az man”, meaning “I give you my sickness and take your health”. The festival, called Chaharshanbe Souri in Persian, dates back to the pre-Islamic period and continues to be widely celebrated today despite the Iranian authorities’ resistance to pagan holidays.
Iranians the world over shared images of these very photogenic celebrations on social networks. Here are a few of our picks:
The island of Kish in southern Iran.
Fireworks and firecrackers on sale for the festival in Tehran. 
Iranians celebrating in Gothemburg, Sweden.
Shiraz, in central Iran.
Semnan, near Tehran.
Celebrating in Paris. Photo posted on Facebook by A. BAKHTIARI.
Mashhad, in eastern Iran.
"We're celebrating indoors!"
On a beach in northern Iran.
Stuck at home, this Iranian Internet user celebrated with a lighter...
In Sweden, where many Iranian expats reside, even the foreign minister took part in the festivities. He poses for a photo with two Iranian artists.  Photo posted by danish.saroee

Several videos showing some action were also posted on Facebook and Instagram. 
The fire festival in the region of Ahwas, in southwestern Iran.
In Sweden.