From Ivory Coast to Ukraine’s Maidan square, thousands of people have made their own version of American superstar Pharrell Williams’ smash hit music video, “Happy”.
Williams made two video for the song: a standard one that’s 4 minutes long, and another one that’s 24 hours long – a world record! The song “Happy’ - a global hit - is the first single off the artist’s latest album, GIRL.
All over the world, his fans have parodied the clip. The concept is simple: people dancing, happily, in the streets. The phenomenon has become so huge that a website called “We Are Happy From” has listed all these fan videos. Total running time: 36 hours and 18 minutes – which beats Williams’ record!
Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Marseille, France 
Kiev, Ukraine
This video was filmed in Maidan Square, in Kiev, two weeks before police opened fire on protesters.