Photo shared by Iranian contacts on social networks. 
Protesters brandished a fake death notice for US President Barack Obama in front of former US embassy in Tehran on Monday. Tens of thousands had gathered there to mark the anniversary of the US embassy’s takeover in 1979, with chants of “death to America” and “the US is the Great Satan”. Hardliners mark this date with an anti-American demonstration every year, but this one was the largest in years, in part due to rallying calls by Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard.
The protest speaker was Saeed Jalili, a hardliner and former top nuclear negotiator, who made an unsuccessful bid for the presidency last summer.
This year’s protest sends a stark message to Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, who since taking office in August has made efforts to improve Iran’s relationship with the United States. In September, Iran’s foreign minister held talks with US Secretary of State John Kerry in New York; following this, Rouhani took a call from US president Barack Obama. International talks on Iran’s controversial nuclear programme are now set to resume later this week in Geneva.
The large crowd also sends a message to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, who has been cautiously backing Rouhani’s overtures. On Sunday, Khamenei told the official state news agency IRNA that Iran’s nuclear negotiators are “on a difficult mission and nobody should weaken those who are on assignment.” However, he also said that he was not optimistic about the nuclear talks’ outcome.
The young protester's sign reads: "I'm not a dentist, but I will 'take care' of your teeth" (read: kick them in). 
Journalists covering the rally were issued press badges that read "Down with USA".