A misguided use of Google Translate, perhaps? Photo published by Flickr user Kattebelletje.
For years, English-speaking tourists in China have giggled over mistranslated signs. For example, “Beware of slipping” on a 'Chinglish' sign is “Carefully slipping”. And many translations just make no sense whatsoever. (See below...)
But authorities in the city of Shenzhen are looking for help from the public to wipe out 'Chinglish'. Error-spotters can submit their findings through popular microblogging site Weibo, by email, or even by calling a hotline. These submissions will then be examined by a team of professional translators and participants can even win prizes. However, the prize for error-spotters is rather incongruous: English language classes. 
However, fans of 'Chinglish' need not fret – the scheme is unlikely to be an overnight success. In the past few years, Beijing and Shanghai have also made efforts to eradicate poorly-translated signs, but tourists continue to chuckle.
Just in case, though, here’s a selection of some of our favourite 'Chinglish' signs shared on Flickr by tourists from around the world.
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