Screen capture from the video below.
“Thigh gap”, n.: the space some women have between their thighs when they are standing up straight with their feet touching. This bizarre new obsession has prompted teenagers and young women around the world to write countless blog posts full of dubious advice about how to achieve these gaps, and post photos of their own gaps – or those of celebrities – on social media sites like Tumblr and Twitter.
An example of a "thigh gap" posted by a Tumblr user.
Extensive media coverage soon followed, and thankfully, so has the backlash. Doctors explain that over-dieting to achieve such a look can lead to anorexia, and that some people are, in any case, simply unable to develop thigh gaps, as they are mostly a matter of bone structure. In fact, there are plenty of women with generous curves who have thigh gaps, too.
On the Internet, the backlash has given rise to some hilarious spoofs. In the video below, a young woman demonstrates five ways to fake a thigh gap – including waddling around with a ball between her knees and walking like a crab.
There are those who declare their love for their touching thighs:
And those who make creative use of very basic Photoshop skills:
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And finally, of course, there’s the best thigh gap of them all: