Locals in the Ivory Coast’s largest city have become the reluctant hosts of a certain reptilian guest: the crocodile. One of our Observers sent us a scary-looking photo of one that had ventured into the road outside a petrol station.
It appears this particular croc is not the first of its kind to roam the streets of Abidjan. In March, the press agency Xinhua reported a crocodile had entered a school in Marcory-Zone 4, in the south of the city. After trying to attack the pupils, the creature retreated into the Ebrié lagoon, which surrounds the area.
The authorities have put emergency measures in place in a bid to capture the street crocodiles as quickly as possible. Locals have been encouraged to call special phone lines whenever they spot one.
Photo of a crocodile in Marcory-Zone 4, Abidjan. Sent by our Observer, Nasser Eddy. 

Last winter, crocodiles killed several people in the capital, Yamoussoukro, which is surrounded by lakeland. Worryingly, locals have reported sightings in recent weeks.

“It’s all people are talking about”

Nasser Eddy is one of our Observers in Abidjan.
I saw one in the Notre-Dame d’Afrique area in Marcory-Zone 4 last week. At the moment, the lagoon’s water level is high because of the rainy season. We see crocodiles here every week. It’s all people are talking about. It’s really dangerous. Most of the time, they hide in the sewers, but sometimes, we might see one right in the middle of the road!
Google Map showing Abidjan's Marcory-Zone 4 area, which is surrounded by a lagoon.