Photo uploaded by one of two employees, where a man can be seen placing his penis on a sandwich.
Subway, the American sandwich chain, is doing very well: its stores are popping up all over the world and even started outnumbering McDonald’s as of 2011. But the company would most likely have preferred to avoid the media attention that two of its employees recently garnered for rather unsavory reasons.
According to the Huffington Post, Ian Jett and Cameron Boggs, employees of a Subway franchise in Columbus, Ohio, posted several photos on Instagram that ended up getting them fired. One of the photos uploaded last week by Boggs shows a man’s penis lying on a sandwich, while several others show bread made in the shape of a penis. Meanwhile, his coworker, Jett, announced on Instagram his plan to “freeze his urine at work”. This plan appears to have been put into action, since Boggs later posted a photo of a bottle halfway filled with a yellowish liquid. The two men described themselves as “sandwich artists”, in reference to the Subway slogan about creating sandwiches tailored to customers’ desires.
In an interview with the Huffington Post, Boggs tried to defend himself, stating: “I would have never done that at work, this was at home. It was a joke”. These claims failed to convince his employer: Subway announced on Monday that the two employees had been fired, stating that this type of behaviour would not be tolerated.
This incident took place not long after two similar scandals in the United States: last week, surveillance cameras caught a Jersey Joe’s Pizzeria employee in San Diego masturbating in the restaurant’s kitchens. In June, a Taco Bell employee was fired after posting a photo of him licking a pile of tacos on Instagram.