Heard enough of the cooing and saccharine gibberish about the royal baby over the last 24 hours? Have a look at these reactions and jokes to cheer yourself up.
Since the birth of the royal baby on Monday afternoon, the reactions – and more importantly the jokes – have flourished online. Many have felt the need to reference the Lion King, understandable given the circumstances, while others focus on the extensive, and some say ridiculous, media coverage.
@SareshenP mocked the media hype through this photo montage on Twitter.
Some also envisoned the child being introduced to the world dangling over a balcony, Michael-Jackson style:
This photomontage was widely shared on Twitter.

 While others in vain tried to stem the hysteria:
There were also unflattering comparisons to the cruel teenage king from the HBO series Game of Thrones.
Twitter reached a frenzied peak of 25,300 tweets per minute when the Prince of Cambridge's birth was announced. The #royalbaby hashtag has also been used 900,000 times and counting according to Mashable.com.
These numbers sound huge, but when you compare it to events like the election of Pope Francis I (132,000 tweets per minute back in March) or President Barack Obama's re-election, which set an all time record of 237,000 tweets per minute in November, baby Cambridge doesn’t seem quite so impressive.
Sites like Buzzfeed have also come up with quirky angles on the story, such as 25 Things More Interesting Than the Royal Baby. One of these included squirrels destroying cars.
Finally, one inspired artist showed off his talents giving a how-to-guide on drawing your own royal baby.