As Iranians headed to the poll Friday to choose their next president, our Observers sent us frequent updates from the voting booths.
Photos they sent us, as well as many others published on social networks, showed practically empty polling stations. The photo below was taken by an Observer at 4pm Iranian time outside a station in Shahroud, in the country’s north. He said that he didn’t see any lines.
One of our Observers, Mahnaz, who lives in Kargar Janobi, wrote in with this report:
“There is no line of voters at the polling station near my house. But there are lots of policemen!"
However, official media outlets, like Mehr News Agency, begged to differ:
Even though no official results had yet been announced, partisans of conservative Saeed Jalili announced this morning on Facebook that he would move on to the second round of the election and face off with Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, another hardliner.
Voter turnout is a touchy subject, as many opponents of the regime have called for boycotting the election. Some reformist leaders like former president Hashemi Rafsanjani, however, have called on voters to cast their ballots for the sole centrist candidate, Hassan Rowhani.
Iranian proudly posted photos on Facebook of their fingers stained with ink after voting.