A massive, 3km-wide tornado struck the town of Moore in the suburbs of Oklahoma City on Monday, flattening entire neighbourhoods.
At least 24 people have been reported dead by local authorities, while a further 200 have been injured in what is the deadliest tornado to hit the United States since 2011. Two schools and numerous houses were completely destroyed by winds going as fast as 300 kilometres per hour.
Videos of the tornado approaching
The tornado’s aftermath
Video posted on Facebook.
On Vine, Twitter user David Massey ‏(@GeminiTiger86) published short videos of the destruction in his neighbourhood.
According to Massey, the family in this video is looking for their little boy, Tommy.
Social networks are being used as a means to call for donations and to reassure relatives:
This photo was tweeted by the Salvation Army. The organisation’s members were moved to discover that people had piled donations - essentially water bottles – donated local residents to provide for the victims of the tornado.
Facebook pages have been created where local residents can register as “safe and well” in order to reassure their families. Numerous messages of support are also posted on Twitter with the hashtag #PrayforOklahoma.