A cosmetics firm in the central Chinese city of Chongqing has found a unique approach to teaching its employees stress management: forcing them to crawl on all fours around a public monument.
On Thursday, around lunch-time, surprised passersby witnessed a strange sight: fifteen or so people — mainly women — in business attire crawling on all fours around the Liberation monument in the heart of Chongqing’s business district. Photos and videos of the scene spread rapidly on Chinese social media, causing widespread indignation.
Photo published on Weibo. 
The “exercise” stopped when police forced the employees to leave the premises and reprimanded the organisers. After a quick investigation, the police reported that the firm was trying to teach its employees how to work in stressful conditions.
This is not the first time a Chinese firm has made headlines for controversial management techniques. Last January, a hotel company in the northeast caused a stir when it made its employees participate in boot camp-like activities.

“Online, people are accusing the firm of treating its employees like slaves”

Lu Haitao lives in Shanghaï
The video caused a lot of anger on social media and generated a great deal of negative comments. On Weibo [China’s equivalent of Twitter], it even became one of the most popular trending topics. Viewers have accused the firm of treating its employees like slaves, of insulting their dignity.
After the incident, journalists went to visit the cosmetics firm at the heart of the scandal, Mirda Cosmetics Co., Ltd. In their report, an employee explains that the firm had set a goal they had not met, and so had that the company had to find a new way to “encourage” the team. He claims it was not just a form of punishment. Another employee told the reporter of a time he was forced to read a book out loud in the street and that most passersby thought he was crazy.
“I have been insulted before, and I had to take it”
There have been many similar incidents in China. Some firms have forced their employees to bark like dogs or to run naked in public. Labour codes are not really respected in China, and unscrupulous bosses believe that their employees must obey every directive in exchange for their salary. They also believe that this type of training improves teamwork and overall productivity. Since it is difficult to find employment these days, employees must bend to their bosses’ orders, even if their dignity suffers. It happens to many people, myself included: I’ve been insulted by a superior before and just had to take it.